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The Cascade with Gain made my food taste like laundry soap. I tried to return to store, but it was opened with one used so they would not refund my money. That being said it was a waste of 11.00, because I threw in time I will buy a small box to try before buying large quantities. Disappointed customer Kristina Timberlake 5421 Ilex Ave Louisville KY 40213 502 424 9165 Read more

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I got a new dishwasher and in doing so, i followed the directions to use the best and most expensive pods, Cascade Platinum pods and the rinse aide. On more than one occasion, i have gotten the large boxes of pods and they stick together, there is soap on the bottom of the container or there are pods that are totally dried out! I continue to use them for optimal performance on the dishwasher but i do not expect to pay for something and get less... Read more

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After buying a new Cascade complete actionpacs dishwasher package, I noticed that the old package contained 16 pacs. The new package of the exact same kind contained only 15 pacs! I'm sure the majority of consumers would not notice this difference because the full package looks the same size. But this company can get away with this because the amount is marked on the outside package. No deception there?! Since I no longer have the receipt, I can... Read more

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This product was awful. Purchased the 7.81lb size, and my dishes are not clean, particularly coffee stains in cups. I tried applying directly in cup and soaking in hot water. Barely any results. Then used Polmolive and stains Came right out. Won't purchase this again

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I purchased a large box of Cascade Total Clean (7X powder) from Sam's Club. I have used Cascade in the past and it was fine. I always bought the "total clean" version. The packets in this box will not open in the dishwasher. I have had to wash the dishes three times - using packets from a different box and type of Cascade to wash one load of dishes. The last one I even cut a hole in the packet. The box was 105 packets that are not usable. I... Read more

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Cascade Clean - Totally false advertising
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I tried Cascade 6x power earlier this year and I wasn't happy with the results. I thought I'd give it another try. I had to rewash every dish, glass and piece of flatware to get the white film off of everything. It's terrible! The first time I bought it I thought I hadn't rinsed the dishes well enough when in fact, they were hardly dirty. I even put clean glasses in the dishwasher and they came out worse! I've never seen a cleaning product... Read more

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My daughter and I have both and used Cascade with gain scent.PLEASE... Don't use of you have children with plastic cups or utensils or plates. It leaves a AWFUL bitter residue on all plastic. This should be removed from your product. I have always enjoyed using Cascade the gain is extremely too strong..... I have had to burst a liquid packs on the outside just so I could use the original powder in the little pack and not totally lose all of my... Read more

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May 28th,2016 Folks, I have been a Cascade user for many, many years. I recently purchased the Cascade Complete (90 Fresh Scent Pacs) and tried opening the container this AM. As soon as I put my finger in the small loop to pull around, the circle itself tore apart. I then tried pulling on the strip around the top with no success. I asked my husband for help on opening this, and he struggled with it also. We finally had to get a plier to pull... Read more

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We are using the Cascade Platinum Dishwasher Packs. At first we only noticed the film on plastic dishes. Unfortunately, with continued use it is now on all dishes including glass and china. We are switching back to the cascade dishwasher detergent in the box to see if the film goes away. If not, we will switch brands to see if that makes a difference. We have never had this problem before and have lived in the same house for 23 years. I have... Read more

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After using Cascade dishwasher powder for many years, approximately 1- year ago I started using Cascade dishwasher detergent packets. At first the results were fine. Gradually I noticed a film building up on the back, sides, bottom and inside the door of the stainless steel interior of the dishwasher. As well as a white substance sticking on to silverware basket. Around the rim of the drain at the bottom was a greasy residue. The... Read more

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